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One important place for discussing critical sociology is the classroom. This section provides examples of videos, problem sets, or other classroom tools that promote critical thinking in our classrooms. Please email your piece or suggestion to David Fasenfest to be included here.

On the Eloquance of Simplicity and Clarity

Austerity: The History of a Dangerous Idea'

Being unreadable helps economists get their message across.

The Myth of the Liberal Media

The Propaganda Model of News

A discussion about the role and use of media in our society.

Reading Marx's Capital with David Harvey

David Harvey, Graduate Center, CUNY

A close reading of the text of Karl Marx's Capital Volume I in 13 video lectures by David Harvey; Lecture 1. For all the lectures, go to

Marxian Economics Video Lecture 1

by Steve Resnick, UMass Amherst

This course addresses the central themes of Marxian social theory and economics: an understanding of the class process as the organization of surplus value; an analysis of the relationship between class and non-class processes using the concept of overdetermination; the epistemological foundations of Marxian theory (including a discussion of empiricism, rationalism, and dialectics); and other topics. The course ends with application of Marxian concepts to understand the stress and strain of US capitalism over the last four decades. For all the lectures, go to

Empires Decline - Revisited

by Pedro Miguel Cruz

A visualization of the decline of empires throughout history. It demonstrates how much of the world was once part of an empire.

Debtris US
Directed by David McCandless
Animation by Miles Tudor, Dom Del Torto
Music by Daniel Pemberton

A creative visualization of debt that can facilitate classroom discussions.


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